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Picture Book for Preschoolers

This interactive book focuses on the concepts of: in, on, under, and behind. As well, each page has pop-up dialogue boxes. When the pictures are double clicked, the cats (or other surprise visitors of the animal kingdom), will have a comment or ask a question that will involve your child in the reading experience, adding to the fun of the book. And, really, what child doesn't love to find a kitty?

I'd like to know your thoughts, after you have read it to your precious one, so leave a comment under the Amazon review, and "star" it. I'd love to know what you think and how your toddler responds.

You can locate: Can You Find the Kitty-Cat? on the link below. Happy reading to your toddler.
Drum roll, please . . . here is the link: Can You Find the Kitty-Cat?