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Hezekiah, Battle Plan Tactics 101

I found a message I gave in 2002, which was a requirement for the courses I was taking through the Berean School of the Bible A Division of Global University. I would love to share it with you. To listen set aside thirty minutes, grab a cup of tea or coffee and join me virtually. Click on the message below to begin listening, it will open in a new window, but you can come right back hear and read the notes as you listen. I hope you'll be strengthened in your faith. I've posted the handout notes for this message.
This messages is taken from 2 Chronicles 31:20, and 32:1-22, NKJV,  please read along if you choose.

It is the Process and the Preparation
A principle we can learn from Hezekiah is it's not so much that his enemy attacked, but the process he took in preparation for the battle and the final outcome.

Hezekiah's faithfulness was steadfast in spite of his enemy's attack because:

  • He had a deep personal faith in his God
  • He experienced God
  • He witnessed God's mighty power to save

The Enemy's Battle Tactics
1) Satan uses: Doubt
"On what are you basing this confidence of yours? You say you have strategy and military strength . . . but you speak only empty words," (2 Kings 18:20).

  • The Devil knows that doubt causes indecision and confusion.

2) Satan uses: Discouragement
"Do you not know what I and my fathers have done to all the people of the other lands? How then can your god deliver you from my hand," (2 Chronicles 32:14).

  • The Devil is a bully, he wants to knock us down and take our lunch money. He came to steal, kill, and destroy.

3) Satan uses: Fear
" . . . then they called out in Hebrew to the people of Jerusalem who were on the wall, to terrify them and make them afraid in order to capture the city," (2 Chronicles 32:18).

  • We are instructed to "be on the alert," have your spiritual antennas on.

4) Satan attacks: God's character and ours
"Now do not let Hezekiah deceive you and mislead you like this . . . Sennacherib wrote letters insulting the LORD, the god of Israel saying, "the god of Hezekiah will not reassure his people from my hand," (2 Chronicles 32:15, 17).
  • Satan wants us to lose sight of who God is, and who we are in Christ.

The Believer's Battle Plan Tactics
1) He recognized his enemy's schemes to wage war.
"Hezekiah saw that Sennacherib had come and that he intended to make war on Jerusalem," (2 Chronicles 32:2).
  • Take note of your thought patterns, and do a self evaluation.

2) He gathered reinforcements by consulting others.
"When Hezekiah saw that Sennacherib had come and that he intended to make war on Jerusalem, he consulted with is officials and military staff . . ." (2 Chronicles 32:2, 3).

  • Do not rely on your own wisdom, but seek the wisdom of others.

3) Repair the broken places.

"Then he worked hard repairing all the broken sections of the wall and building towers on it. He built another wall outside that one and reinforced the supporting terrace of the City of David. He also made large numbers o weapons and shields," (2 Chronicles 32:5).

  • Unresolved emotional wounds create spiritual strongholds, emohealing helps to reinforce our spiritual walls.

4) Cry out to God in prayer.

"King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz cried out in prayer to heaven about this," (2 Chronicles 32:20).

  • Prayer, worship, the Word of God, and the powerful name of Jesus are our best arsenals.

The Victory is Ours
1. God annihilated the army of the Assyrian King.
". . .  the LORD sent an angel, who annihilated all the fighting and the leaders and officers in the camp of the Assyrian king," (2 Chronicles 32:21).
  • God will defeat our enemy when the time is right. Remember we know the end of the story!

2. God caused the enemy to withdraw in disgrace.
"He withdrew to his own land in disgrace . . ." (2 Chronicles 32:21).
  • God will cause the enemy to withdraw because at the name of Jesus Christ demons are driven out.

3. The LORD saved his people.
"So the LORD saved Hezekiah and the people of Jerusalem from the hand of Sennacherib kind of Assyria and from the hand of all others," (2 Chronicles 32:22).

  • Facing a battle? Strengthen your hands, recognize the enemy's attack, repair your broken walls, cry out to God in prayer and worship, because God has saved his people.

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes,"
(Ephesians 6:10-11; NIV)

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